Question about Aloha Rag

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  1. I've never purchased from them, but I am interested in ordering a City or Part-Time. I know that shipping is free over $500, but do they charge sales tax?

    Also, does anyone know what colors they currently have available in the City and Part-Time? They haven't replied to my email yet.

  2. They do not charge sales tax outside of HI, I believe.
  3. ^^Yep, no sales tax out if it's shipped out of HI. Also, they might not have replied to your email yet cause of the time difference. Give it a day or two, them maybe email again or call them. They're usually pretty good about responding.
  4. I would call them - then you can describe the specific bag and type of leather you want. I have had good luck there! (yes, no tax and free shipping!)
  5. Thanks everyone for your replies! I will wait another day, and then give them a call. :smile: