Question about Ali's

  1. I see there's a Ali and a Slim Ali. Obviously the slim Ali is a little narrower. Is it lighter?

    I'm realy in love with the Ali in whiskey but I hear it's really heavy and that's a turn off, but I like all the space it has. I generally like more open bags like totes, the carly, even the ergo. I'm trying to find something in leather so it'll last longer (without being high maintanence like the scarf ergo I had) and something classic.

    Any input? Are there any action shots posted anywhere?
  2. The bag is narrower and the shoulder strap is narrower. If you do a search on here for Ali and slim flap I am sure you'll find some action shots. Or search for the Ali support club thread or something like that. Heavy is so relative- it depends on your perception and what you put in the bag. I am not a large bag lover but I tried on an Ali and a slim flap and I prefered the Ali. Mine is wrapped up or else I'd take a pic for you. I typically like zip-top bags but the Ali is so classic. I love mine and can't wait to use her! Hope this helps!
  3. I have both the Ali and Slim Flap in Whiskey. I prefer the Slim Flap because it is lighter and the strap is narrower and more comfortable to wear, it it large enought to hold all I carry.

    I am 5"4 and the size is better for me. I love the Slim Flap so much I have it in 3 colors ( Khaki/white, Brown sig and the Whiskey leather! The Signature Ali and Signature Slim Flap are lighter than the leather version.
  4. slim flap is lighter to me, but also thinner and can't sit up on her own. Still a great looking bag though and looks almost the same but not as wide. :tup: I bought a slim flap at the outlet and even though I didn't keep it because it was whiskey it was REALLY comfortable and nice to carry. I prefer the ali look a little more, but I do think ali gets heavy. :yes:
  5. Here's a shot of me with a natural slim flap:



    I prefer the slim flap because I don't need all the room that the ali has for what I carry plus it's less bulky under my arm.
  6. :drool: :drool: :drool:
  7. does jax still have any of these? i have a white ali, but wouldnt mind a slimflap, i thought they were sold out?
  8. Outlets might still have them or eBay (from a bunch of people who bought them at the outlets over the last couple of weeks)
  9. Outlets had the whiskey but JAX still had lots of black. I sent the natural back too and think they still have that color. You can call and ask!