Question about agendas

  1. Hi everyone!

    Now that I have my new purse and wallet, I'm thinking of getting an agenda too. Can anyone tell me if the Montblanc Classique pens will fit in the pen holder?

    Thanks so much!
  2. I have a montblanc for my agenda it doesn't fit throught the loop it's so skinny I attatch it by the clip I'll attatch a pic
    agenda pen 2.jpg Agenda front.jpg Agenda from above.jpg Agenda & Pen side shot.jpg
  3. I found the best fitting pen (other than LV) are the little ones from Tiffany and Co. I picked one up in the signature blue color and it is soooo cute.
  4. I got the Tiffany purse pen too - in the turquoise colour and it fits my Suhali agenda perfectly.