question about active endeavors abreviation

  1. Ok so I just "bought" my first kooba if it went through for a red elisha for 401. However it had a little * sign next to the color red and then said o/s* as an explanation for the astericks? Does anyone know what that means? Does it mean it's a return or something? Or is there something wrong with it? Once the order went through I didn't see red as an option anymore for the elisha. Sorry if this is a really dumb question but I couldn't find any explanations on their site for what the abbreviation means. I've never bought from active endeavors before although I've read about complaints of them.
  2. Hmmm...If I were to guess, I would say that o/s means "out of stock." I actually got a message from them saying that the Elisha in my shopping bag was out of stock...I don/t remember which Elisha that was, though, but I think it was the red.

    ETA: Ooops. It could also mean one size. LOL. Her's what I got from ae, though:

    Inventory Update:

    Unfortunately we have run out of the following item in your cart:

    Kooba Elisha Tote in O/S
    <br[​IMG]Questions concerning this order? Contact us:
    phone: 800.525.9555
  3. oh ok thanks! That makes sense duh :noggin: I got through the whole process of checking out and recieved an email confirmation. There was an astericks next to the red. I'll copy and paste from my receipt but it was also on the site which I didn't know what that would mean. Since the other color didn't have the star astericks so I'm wondering if it means something or if I'm totally overthinking it.
    Status UPS Shipping Item Color Size Qty Price Total Processing Not Shipped Yet Kooba - Elisha Tote Red* O/S 1 $ 535.00 $ 535.00 $ 401.25
    (25% off: $ 133.75)
  4. Maybe your order's okay because you didn't get the email that I did...I hope so!
  5. Hi, I also ordered a red Elisha awhile back and then they came back saying it was out of stock. I then saw them available again and tried again, it worked that time (it did have a * sign both times). Once I received my bag I noticed it was definitely worn and had hair inside the bag. I called them immediately and the SA was very nice and explained it may have been a return and I could send it back for a full refund, they paid for the shipping. She also checked and said there were no more "in stock", becuase I really wanted to exchange it. Anyways thats what happened to me, I just sent it back a few days ago....hope you didn't buy the used bag I sent back.
  6. o well no such luck! Got the reject no stock email today. Active endeavors shouldn't put things on their site that they don't have in stock to begin with. Kind of annoying.