Question about Abbey's opening

  1. hey all, i'm interested in the abbey with the off white trim. to those who own it, does the open top concern you, like when you put it down? i understand when it's tucked under your arm a thief can't reach inside, but what about other times when it's not under your arm.

    i have it on hold for me at the boutique, but i'm a little nervous about the openness!
  2. i have this bag and i love it, ive never had any problems at all with it its such a brilliant size and personally i love the fact its an open top, easy access to my purse and phone! sorted!
    i totally recommend this bag and i love the off white, is the pic above the one with the silver trim? this looks gorgeous i wish id seen that one but i love my ordinary brown one all the same :biggrin:
  3. i have the off white trim too and i love it. the open top doesnt bother me.
  4. I just Bought this bag and I love it!It's my first Gucci and I was worried at first because of the same reason but now that I have it it doesn't concern me at all, and it's such a great size too!
  5. the pic i posted is the cruise version of the abbey hobo which of course sold out in my boutique. but even then, i actually wanted the off white one... which i did get! the opening is not so bad, especially when tucked under the arm. i really like the bag with the off white. i've seen women wear it with the brown trim, which is fine, but i think the white adds some oompf to the shape.
  6. I have the off white too... the open top do bother me alittle... I always will wonder anytime my things will be gone....
  7. I have that bag in the silver trim!! I LOVE IT.

    I'm very careful when placing it down, because if I put it down laying down stuff will spill out, like my cell phone. So if you don't have a lot of stuff in it that day just make it stand it on its own. Honestly, I would love it more if it had a zip top.

  8. hmm i dont think id like mine with a zip top, i like the fact its easy to get into etc...
  9. If there's a zip, i would find it weird though...
  10. I have this bag, and I was concerned about that too. My SA actually gave me a really good suggestion: use the dust bag to line your Abbey and then just pull the dust bag closed.
  11. that's an interesting idea... how does it look when you do that? i actually used the bag today... i did end up buying the off white trim one... and i loooove it. i can see how though things might fall out if you not careful putting it down. but i love the contour of the bag!
  12. I don't think it doesn't look any different. Since the dust bag is so big it still allows all of the stuff in your purse to fill the bag out.
  13. For security reasons, I wouldn't mind a zipper.. but by no means am I regreting it not having it. :yes: But easy access is also a plus too.. just have to be more cautious.
  14. OH CONGRATS! It's a lovely bag!!! Holds a ton! :love:

    Post pics when you have the chance!
  15. The top doesn't bother me either, most of the time. The only time I got really annoyed and wanted to throw my bag out the car window was when some car cut me off and I had to slam on the brakes. Everything flew out of my bag and rolled under the car seat :cursing: