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  1. Fake fake fake. Balenciaga does not sell their bags on ANY websites, period. Shame shame shame on them for selling those awful fakes for so high.
  2. it's one of the worst fake websites ever.
  3. Is this a duplicate post :P
  4. yea sorry about the duplicate...I knew this site was too good to be true

    I want a Bbag desperately but don't know where to get one in my area
  5. You might wanna try AlohaRag.. they have free shipping and no taxes :smile:
  6. where are you located :smile:
  7. st. louis, mo...I have only ever seen one lady with one here and I have lived here for 9 years
  8. It looks SO~~~FAKE~!
  9. Stay away from the fakes, they are not worth it.:yucky:
  10. fendi_freak, check out this thread for places to buy authentic b-bags. aloharag in hawaii as pyrexia mentioned offers free shipping in the US!
  11. :cursing: :yucky: fakes. Did I ever mention how much I detest sellers of fake bags? :P
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.