Question about a tote i purchased


Feb 26, 2010
Hey guys!
So i made an e-bay purchase of a tote ive been dying to get but our outlet doesnt carry it so i chanced my luck on e-bay and bought it.
But the stiching on the lower C is bothering me. Not only because there is 1 "C" compared to the other totes i've seen made like this(A lot of the other totes from this line have 2 "c"s) but because as you can see the stiching on it doesnt continue in one line. The light gray stiching is cut off in 3 different places. Im not sure how to explain it so i took pictures.

Heres the actual tote:

Here are the pictures of the stiching, i tried to highlight it as well as i could:

I know im being picky but i own a few purses and they are all evenly stiched, and then i get this one and there's 3 light gray stiches that are noticeably randomly stiched.

What do you guys think, a big deal or no???


Apr 29, 2009
Hmmm, I don't have any input about the stitching but just wanted to tell you I really LOVE your new tote! Hope it gets sorted out and you enjoy her!


Feb 8, 2009
I think it is gorgeous and have never seen that bag before! Definitely unique. It is not that noticeable and it would not have jumped out at me if you did not point it out in the pics. I would look at it the same way I would an irregular clothing item. It was perhaps sold in the outlets due to this irregularity or is it a MFF bag? If MFF perhaps this type of small imperfection is more common?


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Apr 27, 2009
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This is a Patchwork Tote and that is the look of them.... patchwork is not meant to line up, it is mean to look like a random quilted pattern...

Now if the issue is that you do not like it when you thought you would that is understandable Patchwork is not for everyone most member are on fond of it. That includes me, I only have one and it is vintage and does not vary as much...

This is a Tribeca Tote, it was sold in limited quanity, it is pretty rare and sold out very quickly...


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Feb 17, 2009
Lulu, are you saying that the stitching line is doubled in some places? Or that the line of machine stitches are not one continuous line & that some of the stitches don't seem to be connected to the others?

If it is the latter, I'm guessing that the fabric is just making it look that way. I have this bag, and had to give the stitching on the fabric a second look also. The fabric actually hides part of the stitch on mine. Maybe look at them with a magnifying glass if you need reassurance.

Also the placement of the C's are just random on mine, so I wouldn't worry about that.

There were two versions of this in the Coach FP stores last summer. One is a little bigger than the other.