Question about a Tiffany bracelet

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  1. I ordered this bracelet from Tiffany during the free shipping promo. It arrived today and it is way too big. Does anyone have this bracelet or know if it can be shortened/links taken out? I'm going to take it to the store this weekend, but I would like to have an idea before I go to the store if I will have to return it.

  2. I think they can shorten almost any piece, but you can always call and ask them first. It's a cute bracelet, though. Good luck!
  3. I suspect it's quite easy for a jeweler to remove a few links, but I don't know for sure.

    I hope they can, b/c it is really nice! I'd hate for you to have to return it.
  4. I'm going to give them a call tomorrow. I'm really hoping that I don't have to return it because it's really pretty, it just falls off of my hand at the current length.
  5. ohhhh, nice venetian bracelet! it comes in a beaauuutiful necklace too ;). i don't know about shortening it but hey, don't sweat it, just ask them and see if they could do it.

    btw, i got a venetian i.d. bracelet for my bf last x-mas. it also comes in a women's size too ;). just givin some ideas out in case it's anybodys anniversary or anything in the future. makes a great duo!
  6. I just baught that bracelet for myself as an end-of-school year gift! :smile: My friend had it and I tried hers on (she has VERY slim wrists and it fit me perfectly - she had hers made smaller by Tiffanys). When I went to the store to purchase it, they said they can make it smaller, or order one in that is smaller. I wanted that initially, although I have pretty avg. sized wrists. The SA told me its supposed to move around your wrist and many ppl wear it w/ a watch or another bracelet. I have been wearing mine alot and now I am glad I did not get it shortened. I like how it moves around and isnt quite as snug as my please return to tiffany's heart tag bracelet. Its all personal preference though..good luck w/ whatever you decide!!
  7. Unfortunately, I definitely have to have it shortened. The bracelet fits around my arm almost all the way to my elbow and when I put my arms at my side, it falls right off. Luckily, I called CS and they said that if I bring it in to the store, they can send it to repair and have the length adjusted.
  8. Yes, Tiffany's has shortened a heart link bracelet and even made the extra heart links earring studs!
  9. I had my friends shortened for her at no charge and she'd bought her's from Tiffany in Singapore and altered at the store in London
  10. Good news! I took the bracelet into the store today. They're shortening it for free and it will be ready in two weeks!!
  11. Congrats on your new bracelet.

    Tiffany's is good about fixing things for you.
  12. Aww yay congrats! I'm glad they are shortening it for you!!
  13. Do you think all stores will do free shortening?

  14. yay! i'm glad that we've received good news now. Definately they do it free of charge from the 30 days or so (not too sure) since you've purchased it. Now you just have to do some waiting around :smile: will you be having it shipped to you or will you be picking it up?:supacool:
  15. ahh... what about a bracelet that was purchased 6 years ago!?
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