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  1. I was waiting for class today so I was looking at everyones bags (obsessive, I know) & I saw someone with a very small LV mono messenger. It was in a box like shape with a top zipper with a strap long enough to wear across the shoulder but it did not hang low...Bad description i know but does anyone know what I am talking about?
  2. It could have been a Trotteur or Viva Cite PM? Did it have outside pockets? How big was it?
  3. A "box" in shape? I cannot think of any LV bag at the moment that looks like a "box"...
  4. It was not big. I'd say about 6' in length, 9" in height & maybe like 2' width
  5. The amazone maybe? Or perhaps the danube? But I think the danube is a bit smaller.
  6. Old style reporter ?
  7. No i dont think it was any of those. It kind of looks like the danube but without the tan corners & such. Maybe it was a fake?
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