Question about a stamp on my new HAC

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  1. Today I finally got my rouge vif HAC and like when I got the birkin I have noticed something on it and has a small attack of anxiety......

    On the strap that fixes over the turnkey, there is the normal "Hermes Paris" engraving on the gold hardware. However next to this there is a small square stamp, with something in, but my eyes arent good enough to see what.

    Any ideas what this is? The bag is an eBay purchase, so of course I am now worried about its authenticity.....

    Have tried to photograph - what do you think?
  2. E - I seem to recall this being a Hallmark only on gold HW. My bags are PH so I can't help you further.

    Let's have a good look at your new bag tho
  3. Yep, will post some pics in a minute! Having a day of children chaos here. Am very please with bag, far less "tired" than I thought.
  4. Yeah - good result! A trip to the spa and you're set!
  5. No no - not at all, it's a pleasure. I knew I was looking for the "hallmark" information you'd never have found it otherwise :heart:

    Glad your new bag is lovely - gotta fly but I hope your day improves and I'll be back for a little reveal later :graucho:
  6. Thanks hon. Have a great day.;)
  7. This forum is so cool!
  8. Yay!!!! Can't wait to see pix. rouge vif and gold are a stunning combo!
  9. Hi - no need to worry. You should be worried if it weren't there. That is a stamp put on the gold hardware [not on vintage i don't think]. I think somewhere I read it is a little horse head.
    That seller is a good one, too.
  10. gold hardware has this engraving--its fine!
  11. Hermesaholic - Thank you! honestly - must stop worrying!

    Hummingbird - seller was lovely!
  12. Definitely no need to worry!
    You have a jewel in the rough there, definitely.
  13. Closed at the request of OP. Thank you!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.