Question about a specific golf course

  1. Sorry if this is the wrong section!
    My boyfriend's birthday is coming up (end of March) ok well I am an early planner, but it's still kinda soon!
    Anyways, he loves golf, and we have temporarily moved down to Orange County to take care of his grandparents house while they are in a nursing home.
    I was skimming my Shape magazine and saw they had a little section about this golf course just south of Newport Beach, called "Pelican Hill"

    It might be a long shot, but I was just wondering if anyone has played at this course (or knows someone who has, or if you've even been there or heard anything about it) and wondering if its worth the $$$? It's $235 for 36 holes, which is a little steep, but I was planning on buying him the twilight course, which is $141.

    Anyone? Thanks! :smile:
  2. There is nothing cheap about golf!!

    The price seem right, but 36 holes is cheaper and is 2 rounds of golf. You won't seem him for hours!!