Question about a ring I saw last night

  1. Hi all, I have never bought anything Hermes before (I am very into Chanel) but yesterday when I was at the LA airport duty free shop, I saw this Hermes ring, $295, it comes in 2 detached parts but they are stuck together (kinda like 2 pieces of pizzle) so you cannot detach them (uh...I don't know how to explain it better..), seems like it's enamel in silver plated, the duty free shop had it in orange, black and pink, I kinda liked the pink one....but I didn't get it and now kinda thinking about it. Do you know what the ring is called? Wonder whether I will be able to find it in South Coast Plaza or Beverly Hill Hermes. Also wonder if the color will change since it's just silver plated...Any info will be great! Thanks!
  2. Wish I could help - sounds very cute!
  3. me too! :nuts: Anyone know!!!! :graucho:
  4. I know EXACTLY what you're talking about! But I don't know the name of the ring. SCP DOES carry the ring, but not in pink (I've asked and they sold out of it). I think they have it in red and black and some other colors though.
  5. ^ ah, thanks, I will probably go check it out at SCP this weekend.