Question about a return...

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  1. My mother in law received a Coach bag for Christmas and she never used because she say it's not her style ( I think she don't like any purse) and she told me that I can have it if I want! The bag have still the tag attached but I don't think I like it so much. It's a Hamptons carryall.
    My question is if I can return that bag to Coach and exchange it for other if I don't have the receipt and it's from December?
    Can I do that? :angel:
  2. Yes, as long as tags attached and unused. It is from a boutique purchase, correct?
  3. She said it's from a boutique in Mission Viejo CA.
  4. Yup, as long as the tag is still attached. I returned a purse that someone bought as a gift way back in November at an outlet! I didn't get the full retail price since I couldn't find the receipt however.
  5. I actually called Coach today and ask about that and they told me I can send it to JAX and I receive merchandise credit. Somebody did this before? How long time it take?
  6. I thought you could just take it into any Coach store and they would give you mercandise credit -anyone know?? I've not returned anything without the receipt before although I'm about to - my DH bought me a bag that I just bought on PCE and he always tosses his receipts;)
  7. I just took in a legacy Capacity wallet and got credit for it.
  8. can def. just take it in for a coach merchandise credit/exchange.
    I think the SA or manager may have said that so that the return didn't count against their store..who knows tho..just a guess!
  9. I sent some stuff in and it took a while. Almost 3 weeks...

    I decided to send it in because it had the Nordstrom tag on it and the store was being pains about it so i decided to just send it in instead of driving 2 hours to get told no-(even though they could).

    If you have a store near you just go there... It won't take as long.
  10. Take it to a boutique. Don't waste the postage and wait time!
  11. Yes, I will take it to the boutique for see what they say. I need to wait for the bag in the mail because my mother in law need to send it. :tup: For now I will think in my new bag!!!
  12. I've taken something to the coach store for exchange. It's not a problem as long as the tags are attached and it is in new condition.
  13. I wish someone would gift me a NWT Coach bag.
    That's awesome!
    Good luck w/ the reutrn/exchange...get something you love!
  14. Yes! I am so excited that I still can't believe it! I'm thinking in get one of the new soho bags.