Question about a return

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  1. I am going to be returning my Bleecker Signature Large Flap tomorrow because I haven't used it and I realize it's not big enough for all my crap! But I just realized that it doesn't have a tag! I didn't take it off so I don't know what happened to it, unless it just never had one. It does still have the little brown tag on it that says the style number and price, will that be enough to bring it back? I don't have the receipt so I was just hoping to get credit for it so my friend could buy a wallet (since i'm on a big ban!). Any SA's out there know if this will be ok to return? TIA!!
  2. aww, I love this bag. I'm sorry it doesn't fit all your stuff!

    Since it has that brown tag it was most likely a store display and the tag should have been on the inside, on the zipper pocket.

    I would take it back and ask for the credit, if it obviously has not been used and still has that little tag I think it should be ok.. I have never tried to return without a receipt, but I have had a receipt and the tags not attached.. I was a little overzealous with the ripping of the tag:lol:
  3. There's no harm in trying. :tup:
  4. anytime I have returned at a boutique they said they don't have a record of the purchases.. but Coach is great about returns/exchanges.. I have had a couple w/o tags and or receipts and there is no issue :tup:
  5. I've returned before w/o a receipt and they've been wonderful about giving me store credit!
  6. Sure just bring it in!
  7. I'm going to the store on Tuesday so i'll find out then! Thanks for all the help!
  8. I mean as long you havent used it and take it in and let a manager look at it, I dont know why you wouldnt be able to return it. Coach has a great return policy.