Question about a package held at customs

  1. I bought a Chloe wallet from a seller in Germany (I live in the US) and it is being held at customs. This is fine. I need to call them back. The woman on the phone said something in the message about giving them my social security number. Did anyone else need to give their social security number? Does this mean I'm on some terror watch list now because I puchased a wallet? :confused1: I just wanted to ask if anyone had been through this before.

  2. I've gotten items held by customs, but have never had to do anything as crazy as all that. But then again I haven't purchased anything from Germany, just China, Japan, Canada, UK.
  3. Thanks for responding! I called back and they are closed (only open 8-5). I've determined from the voicemail that it is FED EX customs, NOT the post office or some official government customs. So until I find out that it is an official government agency asking for my social security number, fedex is not getting it.
  4. I don't think the country where you buy from makes any difference - don't know US customs but when I went to UK and German customs they didn't even want to see my ID, just the notification card. as both are EU, there shouldn't be any difference when you receive the parcel.

    I don't see why they would need your social security number - certainly not for a german shipment, we don't even have these kind of numbers. I wouldnt give anything out - they should give you a really good reason why.
  5. Well, I had the form faxed to me and it is a U.S. Department of Homeland Security Form. So I guess after filling it out I will be on a list somewhere. :borg1: As long as I get my wallet!
  6. Actually in the USA it does make a difference where you buy from... they're weird like that.
  7. Get Out!!! I've never heard of this before. I bought a bag from a Chanel boutique in Canada and it was shipped FedEx and I received a customs bill from FedEx, but only after the package was delivered and they never asked me for any personal information.
  8. I have a handbag business and buy handbags from Italy. My items do get hung up in customs from time to time, but it is only for inspections. They actually go through each handbag and check the serial number against the handbag manufacturer and my business. Usaully for maybe a day, but they do notifiy us about it.
  9. I got one of those forms when I ordered from Luisa Via Roma.
  11. ^ really? that is weird..... so basically selling from UK or Germany or austria will make a difference? thanks for letting me know!
  12. I've bought from the UK more than once and have not gotten this form before!

    I did get my wallet - It's beautiful!
  13. ^ congrats.

    well I learned something new which is good for when I sell I can inform my buyers!

    thanks again.