Question about a drive from NYC to Vermont

  1. On Thursday I am driving from NYC to Burlington, Vermont.
    Will I be passing any outlets whatsoever??
    Also, staying at Courtyard Marriott Taft corners. What is there to do? I'll e there 4 days (Friday is a wedding)

    Is going to a Ben & Jerry Factory tour amusing in any way besides getting fresh Cherry Garcia icecream hopefully?LOL
  2. I went to Burlington a couple months ago, and I drove from around Albany to there. I found it to be a cute town! There is a downtown area with a lot of outlets, it's by the lake, you can't miss it! Also the mall is okay. It's fun to drive through the mountains, too. Maybe since you are there for about three days, québec is only a 40 minute drive, so maybe you could cross over to there? Have a fun and safe trip!!
  3. I had no idea!wow! I'll have to bug my husband now. LOL He is the driver.
  4. bump.
    Any cool shopping?
    Any Vermont people here?
    My cousin said it is a 90 min drive to Quebec..
    I have never been to Canada- is Ottawa nearby? My husband loves going to Hard Rocks.