Question about a certain bag

  1. I am a total newbie when it comes to Marc Jacob bags, so please excuse my ignorance here. I have this MJ bag that I got as a gift, and I would like to know the name of the style. And just out of curiosity how much it's worth. :p

    Also, I'm not sure how to authenticate it, but there is the "riri" stamped underneath the zipper if that helps. Thanks in advance!

  2. looks like a Marc Jacobs multipocket
  3. no, wait, sorry. it's a Sophia.
  4. That is the Sophia and it appears the color might be berry. If it has rounded riri zippers it should be authentic. The retail price was around $800.

    In the future though, please post your question in the Name That Mj Bag!!!!!!!! thread. :yes:
  5. It actually looks like Violet to me... What is the interior lining? Is it lilac canvas?