question about 25cm birkin

  1. How hard are the 25cm to come by? i would think they are not as popular right. could there be more chances to own one?

    i live in SF and i asked an SA and she said they have NEVER gotten any. (i dont know how true this is though).
  2. SF had an orange suede 25cm about a year ago but that's the only one I've ever seen. It was really pretty!
  3. I saw a blue jean one in swift in my local boutique, no others came in.
    Bought my lizard in black in Boston.(not local)
  4. charlotte has/had a 25cm in bleu jean. they had it in their window last week. not sure if it is still there though.
  5. These 25cm Birkins Especially in neutral colors are very very hard to come by. Good luck
  6. I've seen a 25cm birkin at the Wall st H boutique here in NYC. It was
    a Tangerine Ostrich with PHW and a White Clemence with PHW at about 7 weeks ago.
  7. Gosh, I ordered mine and it took 17 months to come in!
  8. Wall Street has about three hundred of them, it seems like. I also saw the white one with PHW (though I thought it was Swift?), and they have several 25cm Birkins in ostrich just out on the floor/in the window.
  9. il try to give them a call see if any are available. thanks for the info!

    im a little upset with the SA that I was talking to who said SF NEVER got any in (in other words- dont even keep your hopes up about it) she wasnt new either.
  10. There are some available (or at least there were four days ago!). They will not, however, ship them. :sad: They won't even ship me a bag when I am physically standing there with my credit card, and I live only about 30 miles away; I just didn't want to shlep the giant heavy box through Manhattan if I could help it.
  11. I found my vert anis by pure luck in NYC a couple of years ago. I have only seen one other at the BH boutique last year and it was in potiron epsom. Even tho I am not a big fan of epsom, this one looked great and I was really really tempted!