Question about 2006 Black City

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  1. Hi! I just purchased a 2006 Black City for my sis. The tag reds: N 0673 Y.

    1. Is this from spring or fall 06?
    2. how were the leathers for the one i bought. i purchased it from eBay and from the pictures the leather looks non-veiny and shiny but i'm not quite positive.

    Could anyone help me clarify? I would be very grateful! Thanks :flowers::heart:

    ps. i attached a pic of the acutual bag below
  2. anyone? please help! thanks :smile:
  3. Hi, the Y tag indicates a S/S 06 bag.

    I can't really tell much from the pic because it's a little small, hopefully other tpfers will chime in!
  4. sweetsparkle, it's spring '06. (Fall = W)
    From what I can tell, the leather looks nice and smooth, with minimal distressing (my preference for bbags, actually). I also have an '06 black city, and it has smooth leather and feels silky. But it is thin. I love it though!
    Did you receive any close up shots of the leather?

    You are a very sweet sister! Wish mine would give me a bbag as a gift! :p
  5. thanks for your replies. :flowers:
    cate22 - the woman i bought the city from on eBay has only small pics. i was a little hesitant about buying it since it's from 2006 and i heard that the leathers were not as good. i have a first from 04 and the leather is so silky, smooth and thick. there was another city from 2005 on eBay but the pics of that bag looked veiny and shiny. so i chose the 06 instead since it looked less shiny and smooth which is also my preference for bbags. i really dislike the veiny, crackled and shiny look!
  6. thanks cate! i am very close to my sister and we always share all our bags and clothes :heart:
  7. Although many people considered 2006 a bad year leather-wise, I've seen many beautiful bags! However, I've never held a bag from '04, so unfortunately, I can't compare. But from the pic you posted, it definitely does not look veiny, crackled, or shiny. It looks like it has broken in nicely - I'm sure your sister will love it! :yes:

    ^That's so sweet! I'm pretty close to my sister, too, but she is the opposite of me! She hates bags! :blink:
  8. what does it mean by it being "thin?" my just felt my 04 first and it doesnt feel that thick. and i had an 05 magenta city and it wasn't to thick either.
  9. It looks great! Just nicely distressed. Lucky sister!
  10. I used to have an SS 06 Black City but my friend begged me for it. The 06 bags get bad reviews but they break in very easily and are almost just as soft and smooth as 05 after a month or 2. I used to have an 05 Black City too, that one was more spongey feeling though.
  11. I have an 06 Black City that has such incredible, silken leather that people comment on it all the time. Honestly, I think a lot of the leather issues of 2006 didn't really affect the black bags as much. I have an 06 Blueberry Day that needs to be moisturized constantly, she's like a houseplant that needs daily watering, but the leather on my black city is creamy and perfect and doesn't need a thing.
  12. That looks just like my s/s 06 black city, which has awesome leather. 06 has a bad reputation, but I've had a few bags from 06 that had great leather :yes:. It's so sweet of you to buy a bbag for your sis, I'm sure she'll love it!
  13. Thanks girls for your replies! I feel alot better now and can't wait to receive it. I know my sis will be thrilled because she needs a light weight bag to tote all her stuff around.:heart::flowers: