Question about 2.55 reissue patent navy blue

  1. My SA from Saks told me there is a 2.55 reissue in navy blue patent in the 227(large) size with a gold chain, it is $2,375. How do you think of this bag? Do you think i should get this as I think most of the 2.55 reissue is out of stock now...:confused1:

    Is there any photo I can check to see how it looks like?:wlae:

    Thanks a lot! :smile: :smile:
  2. actually, the navy patent is still available in a handful of stores still. TPF member calisnoopy posted pictures of her navy patent reissue in the reference are her pictures:

  3. [​IMG]
  4. I love this bag :heart: It's a rich dark blue & looks stunning with gold hw.
  5. cisforcoco,

    Thanks a lot for the photos. I think it looks really nice. As I am not living in the States, so i don't know there are still many navy blue available. Do you know what other 2.55 reissue are available in the States? :smile:
  6. Great purse!

    Does this come in a smaller size - like med. maybe? Or is 2.55 a med? I am not up to speed on the sizing and codes...

    I have a St. John's outfit that needs a navy purse with gold accents - this would be perfect. But the size looks a bit big for the look I want with the outfit...
  7. Callisnoopy you sssssssssssssssexy mama...where from? do they have it in medium? plesae say yes lool

    anyone up for info?
  8. has anyone seen it in patenet black btw in medium? thanx so much xxx
  9. Yes, it's available in a smaller size = 226 :yes:
  10. thanks - looks like I will be on the phone tomorrow and see if my SA can find one in navy - great bag.

    i feel a ban coming on......
  11. hmm ive seen it in a smaller size before...I think like Mon says...its a 226...

    Mine is the 227--about 12 inches wide in length
  12. very beautiful - i hope to find one for myself.
    thanks for the size info.
    envy u.
  13. ohhh that one is ust beautiful in IRL gals! i have one in large, too, attached herewith.. And I must say it is definitely worth the buy. Gotta hurry! :tender:
  14. Thanks for all the information. I think i will get this navy blue patent from my SA!

    Do u know are there other colors of 2.55 reissue available now?
  15. Thanks ladies - I called my SA and she is working on one for me.....:yahoo:

    wish me luck!