question about 07 white - how white is it?

  1. I was in Barneys today and the white balenciagas I saw, most at least, were not bright white, but a softer, ALMOST ivory (not quite that yellow) white. They weren't paper white. White 07 owners - is that how you'd characterize your bags, or did they just have funky lighting at Barneys? (BTW, I know there's a natural color; I'm not talking about that. I definitely mean white).
  2. My 07 white is a softer white. While it is definitely white, it is NOT a stark white. No yellow tones at all. You saw correctly!
  3. Mine too. The f/w '06 isn't stark white like the s/s '06 white. Is your white an '07? I was hoping they would do the brighter white this spring. I wanted a Twiggy in the bright white. I would never have sold mine if I had known they were going to change the shade of white. I love both but I miss the stark white.
  4. LOL! Just saw this thread. I have a white brief and I would agree that it is not stark white but is not yellow either. =p