Question: A very Whimisical Hermes Mini Kelly?

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  1. I found this little guy in a photo with a 2 tone box and toile kelly? Is the little brown bag pictured in the photo made by Hermes as well?
  2. That is a Quelle Idole.

    They are no longer made by Hermes. But what a cutie! :P
  3. Ah, to lust! Thanks for the information.
  4. cutie patootie
  5. Haute Gallery a reseller on the recommended list currently has one also in blue. They are very cute!
  6. Kelly doll. Cute
  7. There is also a bag charm that is smaller.....but not much cheaper!! :P
  8. It is a special design by Jean-Louis Dumas. He gave Kelly the arms and legs. This specially for the year 2000.
  9. I think they did a version in HK recently as a limited edition for a store re-opening. Cute but VERY expensive.
  10. they come up at reseller fairly regularly