Question: 2 LADY BRAID - which one ????? PIX!!!


    Since my local store didn't have this bag, I ordered it from another state. Now that I got it, I am comparing it with another Lady Braid that I already had in a smaller size. Here is the question of the day: Should I return the larger one :confused1: or should I keep it :graucho: :yes:





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  3. I absolutely adore both!!! I love the Lady Braid ligne. If I had to choose between the two, I'd pick the satchel.

    If you're lucky enough to keep both, keep both for sure!!!
  4. I actually prefer the satchel style over the tote, so I'd keep that if it were me. :heart: However, that being said, both bags serve different purposes, even if the colors are the same. Do you want a tote that can fit a lot and would probably be easier to get in and out of, or more a ladylike handheld style? :smile: If you really, really love the style of the tote, and don't mind having two bags from the same ligne in the same color, then by all means keep it... or you could always get the tote in a more neutral color (black, etc.), so that they're not so similar. :smile:
  5. One of the reasons why I bought it is cause I :heart: this color....
  6. I tried the tote on way back in the summer at a trunk show. Am I the only one who felt like it weighed 50 lbs? Not that I don't love the way it looks, but it just seemed so heavy.
  7. ooohhh! i love the tote! i don't really prefer the satchel, my mom would like that better than me. i love the n/s version, so fab so fab!

  8. i actually prefer the look of the tote! the satchel/bowler style is very cute too, but somehow i'm feeling the tote more than the satchel this time. GORGEEEEEEOUS colour though!
  9. I like the satchel more, the look of it is cute. The straps on the tote doesn't look that long, is it the same length as the satchel?
  11. It's not heavy at all. It's like a leather Coco Cabas (biggest one) .
  12. it's very nice both the style and the colour~ would you mind to telling me where to get this? and what's the colour named? i live in hong kong and there absolutely never seen this colour before~
  13. I like the looks of the satchel better too, but which suits you better? The tote is pretty big! Do you need something that big?
  14. Both gorgeous but definitely the satchel. It is much more dynamic than the tote.
  15. both are gorgeous... I am not a fan of satchels and hand helds..
    I do adore the lady braid tote..big is good and I love big these days...