Question #1,000,000+ about spraying leather ;-)

  1. Thank you to all who have posted regarding treating the vachetta with AppleGuard, Shining Monkey, etc. I have searched through the threads and have decided I really should spray my bags for my own sanity...
    My question is, are these the only brands that are "tried and true" or can I use, say a Kiwi Sheepskin spray or Danier leather spray that is meant for making leather water and stain repellant? I am a bit worried about veering away from what people have had good experiences with, but I figure if I already have the sprays...
    Any advice? Much appreciated:flowers:
  2. Ummm...I'm too scared to even TOUCH my bags with my (clean) fingers let alone spraying stuff all over I"m just a chicken! hehe So I leave my bags alone and let time do the patina:biggrin: Oh ya, I do really take care of them tho, like I never go outside with them if it's rainy/cloudy and always carry inside a medium sized heavy duty plastic bag folded and sealed in a ziplock (so the inside doesn't get dirty lol) in case it rains and I have no umbrella or some shelter place to hide.
  3. Well,
    I went to a shoe repair shop on the Upper East Side (NYC) and the shoe repair guy recommended something. He insisted it did not stain and it did not. Could not find AppleGard in the Big Apple. Not only did it not stain, I didn't get raindrops, either. If you want to acually use your purses with vachetta, it's a must. Unless you live in a sunny climate.