Quest for zucca hobo b bag

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  1. Hi everyone,

    After a long time of reading your posts i have finally signed up and am asking for help!!

    I have fallen in love with the fendi zucca hobo b bag but i can't find it anywhere - can anyone help please? I have a rather serious bag addiction so a second hand one would be fine - all i can find on the internet are fake bags and i just can't stand fake bags - i just couldn't use one.

    I wonder if you would be kind enough to keep an eye out for me and any help would be greatly appreciated. I was following one on ebay recently but when i e mailed the seller she'd bought it from accessorywow, which i know from reading posts here to steer clear off.

    I hope you will bear me in mind and thanks x
  2. I would recommend you keep searching Ebay - run a saved search for Fendi B or Buckle or hobo....they show up every once in a while. Be patient - Fendi no longer makes them so you may get lucky and find a preowned one in good condition. You can submit a listing to us on the "Authenticate this Fendi" thread and we will be happy to verify if your puchase is real or not before you pay.

    BTW, I have this style in the Leopard print & really love it! :nuts: