Quest for TR jeans in HK/S'pore

  1. Hi All,

    I was searching for True Religion jeans in Hong Kong earlier this year & was disappointed to find out that Lane Crawford no longer stocks them :crybaby:

    Does anybody have any idea where I can find them either in Hong Kong or Singapore?

    Any suggestions would be highly appreciated :tup:

    Many thanks in advance! :smile:
  2. Singapore - Skin Boutique at the Heeren and at Marina Square. Also try Inhabit at Palais
  3. Thank you so much, [vogue] :heart:

    I'll be going to S'pore early next month for some shopping...I'll definitely check those places out :yahoo:

    Hope to snag some Great Singapore Sale goodies while I'm there.

    BTW, are you from S'pore?

    Cheers :smile:
  4. Yes, I'm Singaporean, but am currently studying in London. Will be heading back soon though!
  5. you can also find true religion jeans at Seibu Pacific Place, HTH!
  6. Hi crabtreemeeko,

    Thank you so much for your suggestion :heart:

    Actually, I did see TR jeans at Seibu but they don't have the Joey twisted seam with Big T or Super T stitching :tdown:

    Funny thing abt had the brands I was looking for...Tarina Tarantino & True Religion...but not the exact designs/pieces.

    Do you shop in HK a lot?

  7. Hi [vogue],

    Any chance those recs of yours also sell Tsubi or Sass & Bide?

    I'm your next-door neigbour (a.k.a. from Malaysia). How are things in London...I really :heart: that city...full of old world charm and yet it has every modern convenience conceivable...wish I was there now :girlsigh:

    What are you studying, if you don't mind my asking?
  8. I'm doing my A levels! =)

    Hmm, I think Inhibit does sell Tsubi. Not so sure about Sass&Bide, but I'm pretty sure they do carry VB for R&R.
  9. i live in hk ;)
  10. btw dustyrose, i heard harvey nichols has them as well... maybe you can give it a try :smile:
  11. You can find TR in Mirama shopping mall in Tsim Sha Shui in HK but they have limited stocks.
    As for singapore you can go Queens couture at the heeren shops.
  12. Hey [vogue],

    Thanks for more recs ;) ...although it's gonna be bad for my wallet :rolleyes:

    It must be nice to be doing your A Levels in studying there less pressure-cooker-like compared to S'pore?
  13. Hi crabtreemeeko :smile:

    Thanks for the tip...I'm off to research the location of Harvey idea HK had HN
  14. Hey chocochip_84 :smile:

    Thanks for your reccos...I did go to Mirama shopping mall in TST (it's across the street from Miramar Hotel, right?) while I was in HK a few months ago. Anyhow, I only took a cursory glance around the place...whereabouts is TR exactly? Was it sold in IT?

    I'll try to check out Queens couture when I go to S'pore next month :yahoo:

  15. ^not really. In fact, I just had 6 hours of exams today.