Quest for togo kelly - the sequel (and happy ending)

  1. I took arcangel's good advice and headed to the book store to look for "The Power of Patience". On a whim, I stopped at the Hermes store on the way back. Well guess what - they had just unpacked a gold togo, souple kelly with palladium hardware, in the 32 cm size. This guy just wouldnt let me out of the store without him! New dustcovers too - which are much nicer than the old ones in my opinion.
    I feel lucky to have scored two of my wish list bags in two weeks. Only remaining items are - black birkin and black kelly - but I think I have done enough damage for now.
  2. Wow! People are finding their wish bags this week! That's terrific!
  3. oh I need some luck here. Congrats.

    enjoy your bag
  4. arcangel is a wise one!

    Wait...where is the picture???!!! Want to see. Please post. You scored a beauty!!!
  5. Yay!! Congrats on the new, wonderful Kelly.
  6. I feel that the gold Kelly is one of the prettiest ( out of lots of gorgeous bags) that Hermes produces.....and looks fabulous with so many things.

    Congratulations, stephanie!!
  7. CONGRATS!!!!! I'm so happy for you. This is an Hermes classic that will last a lifetime, both in durability and style. YAY!
  8. Congratulations stephanie! A Gold Kelly is beautiful piece which you will be able to enjoy for a long time. I am so delighted that you were able to find a special bag for yourself during the holiday season, it gives the rest of us who are waiting hope. What a happy ending to your Kelly search.
  9. Congratulations Stephanie! Gold Togo is right at the top of my wish list! So i just cannot wait to see pics!!! So happy for you!
  10. Congrats!!! So happy for you!!! :yahoo:
  11. CONGRATS! What are the odds of that happening?!? That's fantastic. Can't wait to see pix!
  12. Congrats! You just acquired one beautiful Kelly! I'd love to see pics.
  13. Oh that's too easy lol!! Congrats to you and would love to see pictures!

    Please model your bag and show us!

    Sounds like the stores have received the Xmas shipment! Hope there are more bags arriving!
  15. WOOHOOOOO! Atta girl, Stephanie! Please post pics as soon as you can!!!! I'm dying here!!!!!!