Quest for the Impossible Horsebit Hobo?

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  1. I'm usually at the MJ subforum but I've recently wandered over the Gucci as I find the hobos by Gucci are nicer. Anyway, long story short I like the Medium Horsebit Hobo in leather and I'm wondering what are the chances of me finding one in red? I saw this through a search on the Gucci forum and I absolutely love it! :heart:


    Why am I always looking for the impossible? :crybaby: Such a late bloomer :shame: Would love to hear some input from you ladies on this. TIA! :heart:
  2. Hmm.. I don't know.. I haven't seen any around. I checked on and didn't see it there.
  3. I've never seen one but it's STUNNING!
  4. It's from the Resort 06 line that came with the navy so I guess I'll just have to muck around and dream that I'll get my hands on one I guess. :crybaby:
  5. Good luck!! great bag!
  6. I have that one, they were on on super sale sometime last year I think. I havent seen it since though.
  7. Yeah, the member whose pic I posted got the bag for $440 + tax!
  8. that sounds about right
  9. $440 for that bag??? LUCKYYYYYYYYYY
  10. to good to be true - for this nice bag :okay:
  11. ^^ what does that mean? I'm confused
  12. Love the bag-good luck, let us know if you find one!:okay:
  13. its very beautiful but i never seen it in that color before