Quest for the coach Ali.....

  1. Well, it's offical, I'm branching out to coach. Well, at least since I saw a coach Ali. The only problem is...I can't find it, at least in the right color. I found a white one on it doesn't exsist when I type it into the search engine on coach.
    I'd also love to know how people feel about their alis if possible.
    Thanks in advance!
  2. Call the Coach 800 number. They've got lots left in various colors.
  3. There's an "Ali Support Group" thread that you'll find quite helpful. Check the main Coach section - top sticky area. Also several pics of colors and styles of Ali bags.
  4. Several white Ali's on eBay last time I checked :smile:
  5. I was at the Leesburg VA outlet yesterday and saw a couple very unusual Ali's - unusual to me anyway.

    They were light blue leather all around with darker blue fabric in the middle. Very nice but more for summer than year round.
  6. ^^^^
    Those blue ones you saw were probably the slim flaps from earlier in the year - ali shape but slightly smaller and not as deep. They came in the blue/light blue, brown/parchment, and natural/citron. I love mine - such a good size.

    The Ali's are no longer on, but like finecabernet said you should be able to order one from JAX. Good luck!
  7. I called yesturday and ordered the whiskey ali. I just couldnt let her get away!