Quest for funky Messenger bag

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  1. Years ago, I had an Evisu messenger style bag, it was tan and brown leather with a magnetic flap closure I wore that bag out, I carried it everywhere and loved it. Never saw anyone else with this bag or anything like it. The straps broke in the end and I reluctantly threw it out. Anyway i'm on a quest to find a new messenger style bag, something that may be a little different. I have a Prada and a Gucci messenger bag, both of which I love, but they are a bit safe and everyone and their granny has one.

    Suggestions please, no more than say £200, well maybe up to £300...
  2. The bag I had looked like this but was Tan rather than Pink and the strap was longer so it could be worn across the body.

  3. me too i'm trying to find a nice messenger bag...
  4. How about Rapp and Posavek's Bailey? U.S. $383
    though some boutiques with discount codes may carry it? (StandardStyle?)

    Notice the strap:
    bailey.jpg Bailey-Chocolate-web.jpg
  5. For a casual bag, how about the shih monica messenger. They used to sell the cranberry colored one at anthropologie. At they have a few spring colors for $249. Here are a couple of photos. At the shih website they have other colors but are much more expensive.
    SH003_body.jpg SH003.jpg
  6. I like this one! It looks lightweight too.
  7. Has to be an online shop that will ship to the UK, no great shops I can peruse where I live.
  8. That is a cute bag.