Quest for a new foundation...

  1. I am looking for a foundation that is not too heavy, doesnt make me look albaster or overly heavy and that is portable. Anyone have a good suggestion?
  2. I swear by Chanel tinted moisturizer. Love it.
  3. ^I'm w/ her!

    She recommended it, I tried it and now I too am a loyalist!
  4. Are you guys sure? I tried Chanels powder foundation and it was terrible. I am not the person who usually brings makeup back, but it was so expensive and bad I did. But then again that was the powder foundation.
  5. Clinique superfit makeup :yes:
  6. I haven't tried thier powder, I can only speak about their tinted moisturizer and it's FANTASTIC!!
    Light but even coverage and isn't at all greasy or oily. . . it's perfection!
    I also really love their moisturizers and glosses:love:

    We went on a cruise the same week I bought my tinted Moisturizer and I couldn't get over how good my skin looked in photos!
  7. That sounds like it gives good coverage. How much is it? Can I get at sephora?
  8. MAC Studio Fix

    It's a powder foundation, so you can just dust it on with a brush and it doesn't give you that chalky look.
  9. I use Lancome foundation and love it.:heart:
  10. I recently discovered YSL's foundation with the brush. It gives good coverage but not heavy. The built in brish makes it extremely portable. The only downside is YSL can be a little hard to find (I get mine at Saks and Nordstrom) and it's not cheap (about $50 but it's a pretty big bottle, over an ounce).
  11. either MAC studio fix- its a powder that covers like a liquid

    or there is or MAC moistureblend...its a cream

    both come in a compact.

    my all time favorite though is not as portable. it is the MAC select SFP foundation. it is a liquid that is light to med coverage that is buildable (ie once it dries you can put more on for more coverage) so you can make it as light to or as much as you want. it has spf 15 and its just a really great also has teflon in it (i know sounds weird) so that it doesnt transfer onto clothes ones its dry!
  12. (lol im a makeup artist for mac....can you tell! lol)
  13. Thank you so much louielover! I bought the studio fix today and I am glad I did because I think it seems nice.
  14. I have very fair complexion, so it's difficult for me to find a foundation that isn't too dark. I've tried tons, but lately I've sworn to Elizabeth Arden Flawless Finish Mousse. It blends in nicely and doesn't make me look made up. If I want a bit more coverage, I use Dior Airflash Spray foundation. Clinique has some nice ones too. :flowers: