quest about a new MC Speedy


Aug 28, 2007
Hi, I need some advice. On Sat I went to LV store and got a new MC Speedy 30. The SA who helped me asked if I wanted a new one from the back instead of taking the floor model and I said yes as I wanted one that was not handled etc and he packaged this for me in a box. I got home and the next day unwrapped it and discovered he gave me a Speedy that had a very small scuff on the vachetta on the front latch as well as some small indents in the vachetta on one of the handles. The rest of the bag is perfect and obviously I haven't used it at all. My dilemma is now I'm 4.5 hrs away from an LV store and I want to keep the bag but I'm just not sure I want a bag with any defects not mattor how minor since it is a brand new $2K bag!! I guess I'm shocked they'd send this out at all especially since he knew I had driven a long way. Clearly I wished I had looked at it in the store, but when he brought it out it was already all wrapped up and I was under a time crunch to leave the mall when I picked it up and never thought they'd give me a defective bag!!

What do you think- do you think it's a big deal? the defects are so small they don't even show up well on photos at all....but I can see them and they might irk me forever. But such a hassle to return as I will have to mail it back. thank God I didn't have it heat stamped or it would be non-returnable!! I just don't know if anyone else would even notice them or is it just me b/c I'm inspecting it. :crybaby:
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Mar 2, 2006
I personally wouldn't bother because it's on the vachetta and will end up blending in more once the leather starts to darken.

But if it bothers you that much, return it. There's really no other choice. :shrugs:


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Have you called the store/spoke with your SA and mentioned the small flaw? If it bothers me too much I would return/exchange it. I wouldn't mind driving 4.5 hrs. away. It's worth driving that far compared to a long time that you have to use the bag and then worry each time you see the flaw. It's a $2k bag, you know, you deserve something perfect.

I always inspect the bag before I pay just to be sure.... Hope you feel better... :heart:


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Dec 20, 2006
I am shocked that the SA didn't bring it out for you to inspect before he packaged it up! Either way I would keep what I got. Too much trouble and not worth it. Did you get a good color combination?


Mar 21, 2008
If it really bothers you i suppose you should take it back- but is there a chance that you are such a natural at quality control that you might pick up something on another bag? without seeing the small faults it's really hard to say how much, if at all, they affect the bag.

just don't bond with it if you're taking it back, it will get upset.:lol:


Oct 11, 2006
I say return it by mail if you're not comfortable with it and wait until you can go back to the boutique to purchase another one.


Feb 17, 2007
Flaws are going to happen to the vachetta, either your ring scratches it or slam is somewhere. It will darken and blend in but I understand the need of flawlessness in a new bag. If it bugs you that much then exchange it. Hpe everything turns out well.


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Mar 9, 2007
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Do you like the color combo? My biggest obsession about the MC speedy is the color combo.. if you have the colors you like on the front (like pinks and purple for me) then I would live with the small defect. Like others said, it will eventually blend in.. but a gorgeous color combo is harder to live without!!

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Aug 22, 2006
Personally I wouldn't be too bothered about the small dents in the vachetta...They're all handmade and tiny flaws here and there are bound to happen. What's more important with the MC speedy is the colour combination and perfect stitching of the front pocket so that the flowers are perfectly aligned. Mine had a few teeny dents on the vachetta tabs but it didnt bother me, it just made it sort of more special, lol...Besides, scratches and dents are bound to happen with normal use but they will blend in, so dont worry about it, as long as everything else is perfect you're fine. Congrats on a wonderful bag though! :smile:


Aug 28, 2007
Thanks everyone!! I'm trying not to bond with it just in case!! :smile:Luckily the weather's been so iffy here I haven't even had the urge to take her out yet. I DID get good stitching actually and good colors on the front which I was very relieved about. And the stitching around the sides is actually really good too and there aren't any creases in it at all. I may just keep it. I'm going to agonize about it for another day and then decide. Thank you though. You have some good points about the vachetta darkening anyway, so maybe it really wouldn't matter and no doubt SOMETHING would happen to it, probably the first time I carried it with my luck, so maybe even better to already have that done for me....LOL

I definitely learned my lesson though- no more quickie LV purchases!!! And the funny thing- I NEVER do that- I normally always look them over so carefully....ugh. But we all make silly mistakes I suppose.

Apr 23, 2007
I would call the SA tell him the situation, ask him to check in his new stock to see if he has another with the same color combo. REMIND him that when he came back from the stockroom he had already wrapped it up and you were unable to examine the bag you purchased until you got home. DO NOT wait any longer in calling the SA, for the longer you wait, the SA may think that you marked the vachetta after its purchase. I, myself, am very picky about the vachetta on new bags because the earlier stages of the leather changing, any flaws are "pronounced" and more noticable when use begins. The flaws do not blend in until much later down the road! So although the minor flaws are minimal now, it will become more noticable for a period of time during early use and will not minimize until after a lot of use. I know 4 1/2 hours is a lot of time and you could mail it back and then they could mail out a replacement but then there could be something wrong with the replacement too. I know you do not want to hear this, but I would drive back down there but only after checking with the SA to find out what others they have in stock what the color schemes are. The MC speedy is such a beautiful bag and a very expensive bag and you want to only have favorable feelings about this "special" bag when you carry it. If you find after looking at it more and more that the flaws are so tiny and decide that you can easily overlook it thats fine, but do not have the 4 1/2 hour drive dictate your decision, for I know later I would regret it if it were me.
Jan 12, 2008
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Do you like the color combo? My biggest obsession about the MC speedy is the color combo.. if you have the colors you like on the front (like pinks and purple for me) then I would live with the small defect. Like others said, it will eventually blend in.. but a gorgeous color combo is harder to live without!!
Mar 16, 2008
If you really notice the flaws then i think you should return it and get another one as personally when i notice a flaw in something it will bug mer every time i use it but then if you do have a great colour combo you might want to seriously consider overlooking the flaw ... personally i know it will bug me to no end ... good luck hope everything turns out fine for you