Quesion: Mulberry has this white roxanne?

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  1. i'm a roxanne fan:heart:
    wondering if Mulberry ever had a white roxanne like the one shown in pic?

  2. That's the tassel Roxanne which came out a few years ago. As to whether it's authentic, post more pics on the Authenticate This thread - it looks a bit shiny to me and I know the tassel bags were faked quite a bit.
  3. thank you ditab, u r 100% right
    the shine and the bleached white color of the leather makes me unsure of its authentication.
    i hv only one pic of tassel roxanne, hv to use it:P
    does mulberry still sell tassel bag right now?
  4. The outlets have them quite often. I saw a purple embroidered Roxanne last time I was there.