Ques on Saffiano Lux Totes..

  1. Correct me if I'm wrong but the models that come with shoulder straps are BN 1801, 1874 and 2274?
    I can't find the 1801 online, has that been discontinued or just out of stock?

  2. I'm trying to figure out the same thing. Also what are the available colours... can they be special ordered, or do we have to pick from a couple colours per season?
  3. i have the same questions too. i find that prada's e-store is confusing, sometimes they have only 1801 available and now its gone but the 2274 is back. the colours availaible are confusing as well .
  4. I have bn1874 and it does not come with the strap
  5. I just purchased the BN1874 from Neimans and it DOES have the strap. They have it in Black, White, Sand (Sabbia) & Blush. They are available in store and online for $1520.
  6. Both BN 1801 & BN2274 have shoulder straps & are available in the stores. I was shown both bags and made a special order for BN 2274 in red. I saw the Cammeo color, but I perfer a true red for this tote bag, so I decided to place a special order. You can always ask the SA to do special orders at no extra cost.
  7. Does anyone know if you can special order one in yellow?
  8. Oh how I wish, I would love one in that colour so please let me know if you can :cool:
  9. ^^^Absolutely. I have been craving one of these bags for a few months. Yellow is my first choice followed by beige.
  10. last week my sa said yellow will be available soon... u can check out the color d... they have purse in yellow in store... very striking...
  11. Is that true that we could special order an existing colour in different model? Without extra charges? But how long will it take? Months? TIA!
  12. I purchased the 1874 in Rame and it has a strap.