Ques about monogram billfold

  1. Would you consider a monogram billfold to be a unisex accessory? I bought my dh one two years ago, and he still hasn't used it!! Because of his line of work (construction, home remodeling) he says he doesn't want to carry around such a nice wallet at the risk of ruining it. Therefore, there is a perfectly good LV in my house that needs love, so I figure why not use it myself? I'd like to use it, but do you it looks too much like a "guy's" wallet?
  2. I think the billfold is good for both guys and girl. I have known someone who has carried it. And I myself carry that wallet too. And I'm a girl! :smile:
    So go ahead and enjoy it, instead of letting it fill dust at home.
  3. I read somewhere that LV says it`s a unisex wallet, but I personally think it`s a bit too masculine.... but this is just me... if you want to use it, go ahead :yes:
  4. My plain jane dress wallet.
  5. i love my mono billfold. its so useful. i keep my small canhge in a cles and cards and notes in the billfold. the only thing i dont like about it is i only got it a month ago and its still really stiff. i suppose itll soften up in time though
  6. I have the similar questions as yours?:nuts: :nuts: :nuts:

    I am also wondering whether Damier wallet is good to used by guy? Pls advise, thanks.
  7. I would use it!:yes: