Ques. about LV Receipts

  1. Does anyone know if LV can reprint receipts? Since finding out that our house got broken into a couple weeks ago, I've discovered slowly that bits and pieces of my LV collection is now gone.. first the messenger.. now the damier bucket-pochette, then a cles and now my desk agenda. :cursing: :sad: :crybaby:

    :sad: :cursing: SIGH! :crybaby: :crybaby:

    so.. back to the question.. anyone know if they can reprint receipts from all past purchases? I just got some reprints from the Apple store for both of my stolen iPods as well.. so I'm crossing my fingers and hoping LV does the same.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.. thanks guys.
  2. I'm guessing they can- but you should have specific dates in mind? Look at past bank statements--- hope this gets the ball rolling!
  3. o god.. my collection dates as far back as 2003! 4 years worth of statements? and i do my statements and stuff all online.. they only keep like 2 years or so worth. sigh.. i hope i can just do an entire reprint of everything i've ever bought if they can even do it.. then i'll sort out what's actually missing versus what isn't important (agenda refills, gifts, etc).
  4. I don't know if they can give you an exact duplicate of a receipt, but possibly a printout from their computer. Call LV directly as soon as possible.

    Sorry that your house got robbed. My parents' house got robbed twice when I was in high school and college. It was creepy to know that some stranger was in our house looking at our pictures and stuff. Most things can be replaced, but the sentimental items can never be replaced.
  5. ^--- I swear I am so tunnel visioned on the situation at hand (stolen LVs) I forgot to say I'm sorry about your home being INVADED!! Argh!!!!!!!!! I'd be scared at first and the P.O'ed!!!!!!!! I hope LV can help you since you are obviously a loyal customer!
  6. Ah I'm so sorry your house got burglarized! I'm sure you can give LV a call and they'll probably help you out. They gotta keep a record, i mean, how do you know who's a VIP without keeping track of what they buy!
  7. given that this is a legal matter, i would think they could do something for you. maybe a print out of your buying history (if they can't do the receipts)?
  8. ok thanks guys.. i'll go in the store tomorrow and ask about it first thing in the morning. sigh.. this is such a long process.. moving and getting things stolen.. and getting proof of purchase..

    i had a box with all the receipts and envelopes/cards in it.. and i think the thieves stole that too.. buncha turds. :cursing: blah.
  9. I'm pretty sure they can, just that it might have the word "copy" on it somehwere...:shrugs:
  10. give it a try. i'm pretty sure they'll be able to help you out :smile:
  11. I know insurance companies call LV all the time for verification on certain items. I was talking to my SA awhile ago and she said that it would be no problem for them to look up items I've bought should anything terrible happen (including natural disasters, etc.).
  12. It should be absolutely no problem, I do that all the time since I always mis-palce my receipt. You had to know which shop you bought your bag though, otherwise it's very hard for them to track it backward in time. I'm in Hong Kong and asking them to re-print the receipt from Paris store and they glad to do it, just take 2 weeks time. Good luck.
  13. Srry abt the breakin. I bet they would. But then again eBay...
  14. If its a lot, u might need a store manager permission to get it done. But yeah, its posible to do so.
  15. :yes: . And I'm soooo sorry to hear! I hope everything works out for you!