Ques. about fake prada bags

  1. I recently read somewhere that the all fake prada bags have "bubbles"(or maybe more like holes....hard to describe) on the corners of the triangle emblem, whereas on a real prada bag the corners of the triangle emblem kinda look like studs or something....is this true? Thanks.
  2. i know exactly what you're talking about and no, authentic prada bags do also have them. but mostly older ones... the newer ones that i've seen all have the "studs" (don't know what to call them either)...
  3. Thanks Brian....I just wanted to be sure. :smile:
  4. Here's a picure of what I was talking about in the other post... not the studs at the corners, the bottom of the crest.
  5. Hi,

    I was at Sam's Club one day talking to a SA about the Pradas they have there and she said that people will buy the real ones and then try to return a fake and so to tell if it is the real deal or not she gets out her jewelers loop and looks above where the bubbles are and there are some numbers or letters on the real ones but not on the fakes. I thought this was interesting. She showed me the numbers on the bag I was carrying. Buy man, even with the jeweler's loop it is so darn hard to see as the numbers as so small!
  6. wow that is interesting to know! im gonna look at my bags now!
  7. Wow that's crazy....I never heard of that. In regards to my original post, I was in Saks the other day and the things on the corners of the emblem could be studs (filled in) or bubbles (holes). I saw bags and accessories with both. I thought that was a sure way to tell the fakes....but the numbers thing is very interesting to know. :yes:
  8. ^Can anyone confirm the numbers thing? This is pretty interesting...Never heard of it before...I know my Prada is real..But still for sh*ts & giggles want to see this for myself..I have a jeweler's loupe...Where do I look again??
    :heart: Emmy
  9. Hi,

    This was over a year ago, but if my memory serves me right, you look on the sides of the crest next to where there is an open area, if that makes sense. But, it is very very small and very hard to see, even with the jewelers loupe. The SA showed me on my purse and it was hard to see but I did see numbers I think a number on each side? My memory is not what it once was..lol! Good Luck and let me know what you see!!
  10. I think a better way to check whether or not a prada a real is to check the underside of the zipper. Prada only uses the zipper brands IPI, riri, or Lampo. These brands should be embossed not engraved on the zipper. Hope this helps!
  11. Ohhh...everything is very interesting and really useful. :yes:
    I didnt know before about the jewelers loop and the zipper could tell how authentic of Prada!!! :shocked:
    Great to know that!
    Thanks you guys! :flowers:
  12. Maybe I am wrong, but I thought someone here said that they might have those names on the zipper but sometimes they don't?? I might be going to a large department store soon and looking under all the zippers...LOL!
  13. I don't own any that don't say the above on the zippers, but I have heard that some authentic bags don't have anything marked on the zipper. It's very hard to come up with hard and fast rules for Prada because they have had a lot of variation in fonts, materials, etc.
  14. Prada also uses OPTI zippers, which is engraved in tiny letters on the side of the zipper.
  15. I have an effing fake bag!!!

    DH tried to be a sweetie and bought me a surprise bag and wallet 2 years ago. I never doubted the authenticity, but I got a letter today from Sam's Club about a lawsuit and how to pursue a refund. (Honey, why did you buy me a bag from Sam's?)

    I despise fakes and now I find out that one of my favorite (thus well used) bags is garbage.

    The bright side is that I will have $1100 to spend on something lovely (and from Neiman's.)