Query...quite young

  1. I found this site purely by accident, and in less than 2 hours i've become addicted (especially to this section:rolleyes:).
    I have a query, I am only 15 (so one of the youngest on this site i imagine) and will not be able to personally fund an investment in a Birkin bag (of which I've lemming-ed for since i was little) for quite a few years yet.
    In june i am going with my mother (who is a late bloomer in the addiction to Hermes, i got her onto it:yes:) to Paris and i am determined to go to the mother-ship.
    I would like to buy my self something while i am there and i was wondering what you would think appropriate (considering i am still quite young) to start of on my official relationship with Hermes.
  2. For small items how about: Twilly, pochette, perfume, bangle

    For a starter bag? I'd recommend an Evelyne or a Trim (if your parents are paying!!!!)....but probably more so the Evelyne.......
  3. a lot of ladies love the smaller accessories to get into Hermes. there are quite a few bracelets (the hot one that's been around for quite awhile is the fantastic cdc bracelet!) as well as their silk goods. a nice twilly or pochette or even a larger scarf might be something good to start off with. i suppose it depends on your budget. the H wallets are also nice but pricey! a lot of ladies love the ulysses notebook and it's reasonably priced.

    but be warned! once you go H it's hard not to keep...going H :p

    and enjoy paris! and read the threads about going there to maximize your and your mother's chances :yes: !
  4. haha, i think i coudl convince part payment by my parents. But I would have to fund most of it, Mum wouldn't mind, but my dad has fears about us both going shopping in Paris (i would too if i were him, my mothers family are compulsive shop-a-holics).

    Yes, I am going to read everything before we go, I have an obsession with research before purchase, ( i spent a year researching mobiles before i bought one).
  5. Ohhh!

    If I were your age, and was going to the Mothership, I would grab an agenda in togo (in a pretty colour) to journal my Parisian events, and a silk scarf in a fun pattern, to play with and start my appreciation of the brand. Scarves are so versatile, and you'll never tire of wearing it, and an agenda is a great introduction to the world of Hermes leathers!
  6. Good ideas, GF......and throw in a little pen AND maybe one of those fabby "etrivier" wrap bracelets (you can probably tell....I'm wild about mine!).

    And get yourself a nice perfume if you can.....my DD is 17 and she LOVES perfumes!!!!
  7. Difficult to know what to advise without a budget (no budget is my kinda shopping :graucho: ) - but I'd have to say a wrap braclet or a CDC cuff or enamel bangle... all easy for a teen to wear to finish off an outfit. It depends so much on your personal style. You'll love researching.

    Good luck
  8. i love the idea of getting an agenda or notebook to detail your visit. paris is just soooooooooo awesome!!!!!!
  9. I am so happy for you! How I wish I were being introduced to the world of Hermes at an earlier age.

    Have fun!
  10. I think I first learnt of Hermes when i was 11 or 12, I fear how many more years (and savings) it will take to ever get over Hermes (hopefully never!) i am thankful my mother has always instilled in me values about quality and everything. It scares me the way some of my friends find it fine to buy a bag knowing it will fall apart before next season. I like timeless pieces, always will.
  11. ...I love the way you say you're "quite young"!LOL! I consider myself "quite young" (at least in spirit!) and I'm almost 50!!:wtf: :wtf: I'm just kidding!! ;)

    It's nice to see a girl your age who appreciates Hermès; I agree with the other ladies; go for bracelets, perfumes, twillys or small leather items. Also I've seen some canvas bags with leather handles (don't know the name) in different colors, very pretty and not expensive....Once you're in the Mothership, I don't think you'll have a problem finding something you like! Have a great time and let us know how it goes!!!
  12. You could go with a Picotin or a Garden party (those make good bookbags too) or take a scarf/pochette/twilly + perfume.
    Enamel bangles make good starter items too.
  13. I think a bangle is quite appropriate for a teenager, but the suggestion to go for a small ulysees notebook is also a very sound one. You could go for a silk scarf; there are plenty of ways to wear one which don't make you look like the Queen! Wearing it as a belt if your figure will suit it is as a great informal way to go. Also, perhaps with the summer coming on one of the cotton squares will suit? Or you could go very small and cute with a keyring. But getting your first orange box is a big, big thrill - especially in Paris. There are lots of choices but prepare to loosen your purse strings!
  14. I will, i've been saving for a while!
  15. I would suggest an evelyne :smile: It's cute, fun and you can get multiple use from it (well, 3 styles).

    If something small, how about a little animal charm ? Those are really cute and you can cheer up your other bags :idea: