Query about Choo wallet

  1. Hi there,
    I've just purchased a pre-loved wallet and I'm just wondering the wallet has a made in italy stamp and then a numer sequence 070-101 stamp ,is this the serial code ? I'm not sure of the name of the wallet ,it's tan leather and has a zipped iterior pocket and lots of card space & 3 bill/money slots and it button closes but doesn't fold out completely , it's like the tulisa bag as has the gold link with Jimmy Choo on it and buckle on the front . Does anyone have any idea what style it is & also the wallet just has Jimmy Choo heatstamped into it inside on the leather ,it doesn't have a metal lilac name badge inside ,is this normal for wallets ? Any help apreciated :biggrin:
  2. Post pics in the authenticate thread...I have never seen a choo with a number stamp!
  3. Hi there,
    okay I will try to load some photos ,never put up any on here before so wish me luck ;)

  4. Hi again ,
    I've just posted in the authenticate thread , I couldn't get photos to upload so I put in links to the photos on Flickr , hope this is okay , I'm a bit worried now as you've never come across numbers on wallets i hope this doesn't mean it's not genuine :wondering:wondering