Quentin Tarantino's "Hostel"

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  1. Hey gals! Did anyone else see the movie Hostel?!? I was freaked out for about 2 days after seeing this gruesome movie...it's scary bc the storyline is based on a true story and I am sure sickos with money have already started a psycho, insider "gaming" club somewhere underground...'shudder' :amazed: :sick:

    The main character was a hottie though...anyone seen him in any other movies? (Jay Hernandez).
  2. This movie sucks. It's pretty much all gore and nudity for the hell of it with a weak plot line. I'm a big fan of horror/thriller movies and this one totally let me down. I expected it to have a twist like Saw did, but it was dissapointing.

    Jay Hernandez was also in crazy/beautiful with Kirstin Dunst.

    And it's not actually by Quentin Tarantino. It's only "presented" by him.
  3. I went to see the movie in hopes that it was going to be great.. the storyline sounded interesting... Tarantino directing... how could it go wrong? :nuts:

    Well.. we are an hour into the movie and we STILL see nothing but naked women and 3 jerks having sex with them. :oh:

    When the movie starts getting "scary", which it really never was, you are so let down by the beginning that nothing they do could make up for it. :Push:

    This is in my top 3 WORST MOVIES I'VE EVER SEEN... along with "Cabin Fever" which was written by the same guy who wrote "Hostel", but I would have much rather watched "Cabin Fever" again.

    Just horrible.. do not waste your hard-earned money. :sick:

    If you don't believe me I dare you to see it.. or check out this review.. I trust almost all their reviews... http://www.pajiba.com/hostel.htm
  4. I expected one 2... it's the only reason I didn't walk out. :evil:
  5. I didn't want to, nor do I want to see the movie. I get a little scared by gruseome gore flicks- but I heard it wasn't that good anyhow!
  6. I scare easily so I won't see it. I didn't sleep for a week after I saw "Seven"
  7. *yawn*

    this movie sucked. i guess i was expecting to be SCARED but I ended up bored looking at boobs for nearly an hour. I could have done without all the sex, I was beginning to think I got duped by my husband, but even he began wondering when is the real movie going to start? I only looked away once, but seriously...this is movie is only number 1 because all the men love it! I am waiting for a REAL scary, gory movie to come out...the last few other than Saw/Saw II were not good.
  8. Aww.. I guess I'm just disappointed from hearing the mixed reviews, I really wanted to see this movie but I'm also a huge wuss so I'm not sure how well that would go down !
  9. Yeah, I do agree with everyone here, nothing but boobs in your face the whole time (I am sure my boyfriend enjoyed this movie for that very reason), but I admit I have an extremely weak stomach and the scene where the Asian girll gets her toe chopped off sent me over the rail...not really a plot, didn't catch 'Cabin Fever'. I don't recommend this movie, especially to anyone who can't stand gruesome gore. Saw I & II had better plot lines and was more twisted I thought...if anyone has a better flick idea that is worth seeing and not puking, please let me know!
  10. Did you hear that they had to carry some ppl out and call an ambulance b/c ppl were getting sick watching this movie? If it's that bad that ppl literally got sick and had to be carried out, then I don't want to watch it. I'd probably faint and have gory nightmares for weeks.
  11. If you got so sick from this movie that you had to be carried out, you're an idiot! :nuts: :nuts:

    The movie isn't scary at all.. it's just dumb...

    Man I hated this movie!!!! What a waste of money!!!!
  12. I believe all of you who have seen this movie, wasted money on it, rate it as poor, etc. I will spend my money on more interesting films. Thank you for saving me from Quentin Tarentino once again.
  13. I ABSOLUTELY agree. I am usually very squirmish and nothing about this movie made me turn away except dude getting his achilles cut. That't it.

    I'm glad I didn't pay for it.
  14. i'm not even going to watch it..
  15. Yeah, not planning on watching the movie...at all. I kind of ignore the whole genre all together - really weak stomach, and horrible nightmares. The last "horror" film I saw "Jeepers Creepers" and that movie gave me nightmares for about a week, and occassionally, I will randomly think about the last image of the movie. I think it scared me because the lead was on one of my favorite shows at the time "Ed", and it was hard to see what happened to him. I'm sure I sound pretty stupid to all of you horror aficionados out there :shame: .