QueenM's 1st SMALL REVEAL for 2013 !!!

Queen Maria

Feb 23, 2012
Baltimore ( Ravens nation )
I almost forgot LV closed 6pm on Sundays.
drove 70-80 mph just to get there before
closing :P :schucks: I left home 5:30 went
to LV 5minutes before closed but it takes
me 5minutes to decide and pay !!! AND

so disappointed that all the Neverfull MM
are gone .. No AZUR, no MONO and DE and
speedy 30 DE & TP are also sold out ;(
I tried the metis but, I didn't like it on me.
my SA put me a reservation on Wednesday
for my Neverfull MM AZUR :biggrin: :excited: but
I didn't left empty handed of course :graucho:

Finally, and before I forgot ..
I got the 1st box last Friday as my valentines
gift. Pre-owned but in almost brand new
from my lovely friend here at the forum
" jaijai1102 " so who's here for a SMALL
REVEAL ??!?!!!! Wohoooo been eyeing
these and finally it's mine today :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:

Queen Maria

Feb 23, 2012
Baltimore ( Ravens nation )
First, let me give you a little love story .. Lol

February 14, found these on the table
from hubby :hearts: then, he said I wish
I can buy you something but, I don't have
money and my CC ( I'm the boss and I'm
his accountant ) lol but, I told him ., oh
you got me something already and will
arrived Friday ( which is 2-15 ) hahaha
Sorry, if I get y'all bored with my love
story but little things in life that makes
me HAPPY !!!


He still makes me giggles like the
first time ! But, we're 8years this coming
Tuesday ;)


Last Friday it came but ill do reveal
all together !!