QueenM... Mon Mono speedy reveal !!!!

Queen Maria

Feb 23, 2012
This bag was a gift to myself last birthday
July 6 and thanks to my hubby too for
the funds :biggrin: before I do the reveal I just
want to give a little background about
the color combo I choose and the initials !!!

I picked fushia & ivorie with inverted
M.E.A and it's very personal since it's my
eldest favorite color and this bag is really
for her after 8 years and the deal was if
she will be a consistent academic
achievement at school and black belter
in taekwondo ( she's green belt now ) !!!

M. Maria ( me ) E. Eleni ( eldest daughter )
A. Athena ( youngest ) that's why there's
a dots for deferent initials for the 3 of us.
I also like the pop of color and for some
reason fushia look awesome on the
speedy mon mono and ivorie to much
the patina !!! I'm so in love with this bag
and I will enjoy her before I pass it to
my daughter. So here we go ......
Thanks for reading everyone :biggrin:
Who's here ????? :graucho: