QueenM... Mon Mono speedy reveal !!!!

  1. This bag was a gift to myself last birthday
    July 6 and thanks to my hubby too for
    the funds :biggrin: before I do the reveal I just
    want to give a little background about
    the color combo I choose and the initials !!!

    I picked fushia & ivorie with inverted
    M.E.A and it's very personal since it's my
    eldest favorite color and this bag is really
    for her after 8 years and the deal was if
    she will be a consistent academic
    achievement at school and black belter
    in taekwondo ( she's green belt now ) !!!

    M. Maria ( me ) E. Eleni ( eldest daughter )
    A. Athena ( youngest ) that's why there's
    a dots for deferent initials for the 3 of us.
    I also like the pop of color and for some
    reason fushia look awesome on the
    speedy mon mono and ivorie to much
    the patina !!! I'm so in love with this bag
    and I will enjoy her before I pass it to
    my daughter. So here we go ......
    Thanks for reading everyone :biggrin:
    Who's here ????? :graucho:
  2. :popcorn:
  3. :snack:
  4. here ~~~
  5. ooohhhh lets seeee !!!! also thats such a cute idea !!! This bag can be passed down to either of your kids and used within the family ! such a nice idea !
  6. Here! Cant wait to see, and what a lovely idea!
  7. :popcorn: :olympics:

    waiting with excitement and watching the Olympics!
  8. Here!! Can't wait to see it!!!! :party:
  9. Here!!!:biggrin: You got it quick..;)
  10. Où est le sac à main? Where's the handbag? :p
  11. open!
  12. I'm here! Can't wait
  13. First.. My beautiful daughter to have the
    mon mono speedy and next is Neverfull
    for the youngest one :biggrin: ... in the future !!!


    She's 7 and she's green belt in taekwondo !
  14. Yay it's here already! Let's see it!
  15. Here ya go ... Thanks y'all for standing by :p


    Speedy mon mono 35 !!! Love it !!!!