queenbeeofbeverly hills.com

  1. Hi everyone,
    Has anyone bought bags from this store? They seem to have trunk shows all over the country, and some fashion blogs mention that they have shopped from them, but I wanted to know if any tpf experts have dealt with them. Thanks!
  2. curious to know too, I've happened across their website before.
  3. Stylefly-Thank you, thank you, thanks you!!!!

    You saved me about $600!! I wish there was a way to copy the post in one place about this business-although they seem to be out of business-the website doesn't work.

    I found thier info on style sites I found reputable too.But I did a little more research, and found this site called the rip-off report, that if any other TPFers have had problems with this fake store, they can post. There's one record for right now, but I'm sure she is having her friends speak for her. The lady that reported her is out of 10,000 and this is recently!!!
  4. Oh thank GOODNESS this was posted! I have also been very curious about this site, and looked into it when I first opened my eBay store, but now I can OFFICIALLY write it off! Thank you so much for the heads-up!!