Queen Rania of Jordan

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  1. Thanks for opening this thread.
    Her style appeals to me very much
    And she is a classical beauty as well.
  2. I have always admired her style-- she is so classic and elegant, without looking older than her age. Really lovely to look at, and smart and classy as well.
  3. She's gorgeous, tiny and stylish!
  4. I think you can't get much closer to perfection than Queen Rania. I find her 10 times more stunning than most of the actresses that people go crazy over.
  5. I've always thought Queen Rania was a very gorgeous and stylish woman ... thanks for starting this thread, look forward to seeing more pics of this stylish royal!
  6. Thanks for starting this thread! She's just sooo gorgeous and stylish!
  7. She is exquisite!! Great pics!!
  8. gosh...she's just the whole package, huh? :P

    she's beautiful and dresses so well!
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    Thanks for opening this thread! I've always loved Rania. She's such a gorgeous, intelligent and classy woman.

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  10. i LVOE queen rania.. she seems to like zagliani too.. she has 2 of them
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    Love her! she is beautiful, intelligent and graceful!

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  12. I've always thought she was drop-dead gorgeous.
  13. Some more pics

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  14. Wonderful thread. An amazing woman with a great sense of style.

  15. Absolutely - she exudes class from every pore and is so natural looking.

    She doesn't look like she even tries like too many others.