Queen of procrastination thanks to tPF!! ;-)

  1. So I think I am going to have to untab tPF for the first time in like a year tonight because I have soooooooo much homework to do and can never seem to get it done because i'm always so busy lurking around here and posting!!

    Anyone else procrastinate and daydream all day of beautiful LV bags and Louboutin shoes thanks to tPF? Come on, dont be shy!! :smile:)
  2. I do...:p I slacked off SO much during my first year of University, doing things last minute or late at night because I'd be on TPF right after I get home until very late!!
  3. you are not alone!!!!!!!
  4. I use to be asleep by atleast midnight and now I am lucky to be going to bed before 3am because i spend so much time on here! lol...and then i wake up at 8am and my comp usually stays on so then it's back to tpf again.. :smile:
  5. I am slacking off right now.... :shame:
  6. lol yeah, I tell myself "Ok your going to sleep in 15 min"...then those 15 pass and im like..."5 more min...5 more min"..

    Then in the AM before work..."5 more min and i'll start to get ready just 5 more"...

    HAH! I'll let you know when it starts to work...
  7. Me too! I should be getting ready for work...
  8. yup.....and my procrastination was already out of hand before TPF...imagine it now
  9. yeah i'm on here all day at work
  10. I find myself getting distracting by tpf all the time while I'm working at home.
  11. Yes. During the time I was taking my finals, I made Bart put my laptop away until I was finished studying! :biggrin:
  12. I am the same way.
  13. I have a paper due tomorrow...guess what im doing? Thats right procrastinating on tpf!