Queen Medium Hobo CHEAPER at NM.com and NM stores then at Gucci.com

  1. I recently purchased the Queen Medium Hobo. I had found it on Gucci.com but when I had gone to Neimans it was for almost $300 cheaper! I even contacted Gucci.com to let them know and they said it was a mistake and they still haven't fixed the price! (this being 3 weeks later)

    Just letting you know sometimes you can find a hidden gem elsewhere!!

    My baby protecting my other precious
  2. Congrats! That is a big difference between NM and Gucci price!
  3. Woh! Good catch! Hope someone can take advantage of that!
  4. sweet! yes, i hope if anyone is looking for a queen bag they can get a good deal out of this one.
  5. Nice bag...CONGRATS! Cute puppy too!