Queen Latifah supports Women's Confidence Day

  1. Endorsing National Women's Confidence Day on wednesday, she said self-confidence comes from a supportive family!:yes: But many women today do not have the confidence they need, she added. In her opinion, women need confidence to reach their goals, but also to free themselves from an abusive relationship, to forgive hurts inflicted by others and to say they are sorry for hurts they themselves may have inflicted. Great opinion! No wonder some people even called her 'one of America's best-known and certainly most-confident role models':yes::flowers:

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    Source: celebritywonder.com
  2. I think queen is super kool ....a very confident role model....
  3. Thats great! She is beautiful....
  4. She is fantastic! Great for young girls to see women like this.
  5. I love QUEEN LATIFAH!!
  6. Me too. She is fabulous!
  7. I have always liked Queen Latifa; she is a great role model.
  8. Love her too-She's gorgeous in those Revlon commercials!
  9. i love love Queen Latifah!