Queen Latifah getting married

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  1. Sorry if this has been posted already, the search engine is down. Has anyone heard that Queen Latifah is getting married? Is her partner a celebrity?
  2. ?!?! Really? This is news to me! I'll look it up now
  3. Congrats to her!
    I wonder who her hubby will be?
  4. It's not a .... um, I'm pretty sure Queen Latifah is a lesbian. She's been with the same woman for years and years.
  5. or, er, wife? She's a lesbian I believe and lives with her GF. Correct me if I'm wrong though!
  6. I thought she was gay also.
  7. yeah, here she is: her name is Jeanette Jenkins.
  8. Congratulations to Queen Latifah! I didn't know this either.
  9. Best wishes!
  10. Whoa I had no idea she was gay. Congratulations to her though, I LOVE her!
  11. She's been living with her gf for years.
  12. i had no idea she was a lesbian. wow
  13. Guess she's getting married in Vermont?
  14. Wow I didn't know she was gay either. Well congrats to them!
  15. I didn't know she was gay either! Not that it matters - everyone deserves to find love! Congrats to her!!!