Queen Helene lovers!!

  1. I went into ULTA today and they have a ton of Queen Helene products. I've seen the mint julip mask at some walmarts, but never the facial scrubs or whatnot. Ulta had the mint julip scrub (which i got) along with quite a few others (cocoa butter, i think an oat and honey one, and maybe apricot?) and a couple other masks. Just wanted toshare the info!
  2. Well the grocery stores out here carry quite a bit of these masks you listed above. But I can never stray from mint julep.
  3. i've only ever seen the mint julip mask at grocery stores, walmart, target, etc., and even then its not at all of them.
  4. Well the grocery store I frequent the most has the honey/grapeseed/oatmeal/mint julep. Plus some hair care products by them and some other home care products by them also.
  5. I have used Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque at least once a week since 1964.

    I haven't seen the scrub, is it new? I want it!
  6. I love the Mint Julep mask. I'm so impressed by it that I'm tempted to try more of their products. Definitely gonna check out the Ulta website.
  7. I use the mask once in awhile. I also liked their clay mud mask. Sometimes I crush up some aspirin and use it in a mask. I turned my daughter on to the stuff.
    Now she is a huge fan of Mint Julep!
  8. Love the Mint Julep mask!
  9. the mask and the scrubs are the best! and sooo cheap!
  10. I've found queen helen bath salts at wal-mart. I haven't tried it ...yet!
  11. Ditto, I love this stuff!
  12. Yup, i went to sallys and saw they had a Mint Julep scrub. I bought the apiricot one.
  13. Quick question. How often do you use the Mint Julip mask per week? This is my first bottle but I'm becoming quite a fan of it.
  14. I use mine once a week. I love this stuff.