Queen bee of Beverly Hills

  1. www.queenbeeofbeverlyhills.com

    Is this authentic? I am sorry if this has been asked about before, I tried to do a search and got nothing, so here I go!
  2. Ugh, sites that charge restocking fees are always selling fakes in my opinion:

    Re-stocking fees
    Due to high returning expenses a 10% restocking fee applies on returns over $200. No restocking fees are applied to product Exchanges or lower value returns. The Return Fee is levied in order to recover costs associated with the return that we cannot otherwise recover.
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  4. I stay away from sellers with restocking fees..something about that policy that

    just doesn't sit well with me
  5. So I guess it's fake then? Asteralice sells authentic bags but they also have a restocking fee.
  6. Well the reviews are certainly not very promising.
    And they show 1 picture so no way to try to authenticate anything.
    Sorry that's about all the help I can offer.
  7. As I reading someone posted the original case back in 2007 between her , 4 others and Chloe. The court in August of 2010 reversed it's 2007 decision which in essence finds Queen Bee guilty. I am bringing this up again for a reason. I recently paid a fee to join a site to collect information on Jobbers. I found QueenBee listed there for suppliers with a direct link to her website which requires a $45 dollar fee to join and shop. Oh you get a $10 dollar discount from coming to her from the site I joined. I research as much as possible when I found the 2006/2007 case. I was shocked. I contacted the owner where I originally subscribed to voice my shock they someone so heavily connected to counterfeit activity would be endorsed by a site claiming to assist newbies to keep such things from happening to them. They responded promptly to my email. Told me how QueenBee's troubles were quote "A long time ago" and they (this business) KNOW she only sells authentic goods and directly stated my information must have came from the purseforum. Ironic eh? Because it didn't. I found the court docket. Which I responded to them telling them this. They responded again and warned me not to SLANDER them over QueenBee. I have found logged complaints since the original law suit against her for fake bags. I am still amazed to a degree at it all. I'm still researching. :smile:
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    Fashion design house Chloé won a sizeable award in an infringement suit against the person behind a series of Web sites that sold counterfeit Chloé goods. Interestingly enough, the award was not granted on the merits of the infringement argument, but rather, it was granted on a civil procedure hiccup. The defendant failed to answer the complaint in time, and with that, Chloé was granted the award.

    A Federal Court in October 2009 entered a $7.2 million dollar default judgment against a Los Angeles supplier after he failed to respond to an infringement lawsuit filed by Chloé. In the initial suit in April 2006, Chloé alleged that an internet operator known as Queen Bee of Beverly Hills sold counterfeit goods through its Web sites. The suit was later amended once Chloé recognized the online business’ supplier behind the operation, and they were added as a defendant in the case. The decision to grant the default judgment hinged on the failure to enter a timely answer, rather than the actual infringement at issue in the suit. Because the supplier failed to formally enter an answer to the complaint within the given time, the judge entered a default judgment in favor of the design house.

    The judgment award was determined in July 2009 by a Magistrate Judge. The court’s report concluded that Chloé was entitled to triple the amount of the online business’ supplier’s profits, or $7.2 million dollars. Seems only fair that Chloé get paid back the profits made by someone selling replicas of their stylish and original goods Chloé has established itself to produce. However, the case against Queen Bee of Beverly Hills was stayed once the firm declared bankruptcy and Chloé entered into a $15,000 settlement with another defendant. Maybe there will one day be a case where the court rules on the activity of these infringing Web sites rather than a court technicality.

    cite: http://www.caseclothesed.com/chloe-meets-civpro/
  10. So, how does one begin with such a company again? There are many new reviewers out there this past year or so claiming that her goods are authentic. I even found a post where she Rebecca made mention of being ripped off and loosing thousands. She is listed also as a salehoo.com supplier. With all this history, perhaps someone not directly associated with her business will add information to what transactions are actually like today. I have been hearing people all over talk about her goods. However most of them are so new I'm not sure they would know unless they paid for someone to authenticate. As others have mentioned, overseas knock offs are really really good. I watch them get sold on eBay all the time and it does very little good it seems to report them. For whatever reasons, I often bag police on the brands I am familiar with. I just hate fakes :smile: be it bags or people. But like everyone else, I appreciate a good deal!
  11. I wouldn´t buy from them.
  12. I agree. I wouldn't buy from them.
  13. I hate fakes too! I bought LV ebene zippy organizer at eBay because, I am ok with second hand and authentic for a discounted price. When I said discounted, I still paid almost $600 where the wallet retails for $860 or so. I posted it to be authenticated here. I hope I did not get ripped off.